Y10 Entrepreneurs 2016 : Group photo for…

Y10 Entrepreneurs 2016 : Group photo for these budding entrepreneurs before their first class of Niue Young Entrepreneurs program run by Niue Chamber of Commerce in partnership with Cross Power Niue. This is the first of six fortnightly sessions with the objectve of setting up a micro business to open at the National Show Day in October.

Along the way it is hoped we can:
1) Develop self-awareness – enabling young people to understand themselves and the influences on them
2) Exploring opportunities – enabling young people to investigate opportunities in learning and work
3) Decide & Act – make and adjust their plans to manage change and transition, and take needed action

This is not only important in their plans to run their small business idea for the Constitution National Show Day, but also to look at their future careers they want and how to get there. We hope that support will come from the business sector in the upcoming weeks.

Thank you to Peni Rarasea – Y10 NHS Teacher; and to Charles Ioane – Principal of NHS for the opportunity.