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You will find all our workshop resources here as well as our forms and applications. If you require any more information, contact us through email –

Thank you to all our experts for sharing their workshop resources with us. Fakaaue lahi!


Barista Training with Dorreen Bauman

Annual Niue Business Awards 2017 – Check out our News and Reports for more information

Ray McVinnie visits Niue – LIVE Presentation at Scenic Matavai Resort (May)

Outboard Motor Service Training 27 & 28 April 2018 and Tuesday 1 & Friday 2 May 2018. Thank you Danny Thorne for delivering another successful outboard motor service workshop.

2 Day Social Media Workshop 12-13 April 2017 – Thank you Jeff Kay from Easy Social Media Workshop from Auckland.

First Aid Training March 2017 – Thank you Niue Foou Health Department Paramedic Oscylina Kulatea for your time. Next First Aid Training in May.


Outboard Services Training – Please email us for a copy of the resources used for this workshop. Thank you Danny Thorne from Kevin & Ian Maritime Services New Zealand.

Tourism Experience DevelopmentA�- Thank you Janet MacKay & Penny Spoelder from TRC Australia

Ecotourism – Train the Trainers with I-Ling Kuo (Please email us if you are interested in these resources as they are too big for uploading here. Thank you!)


Eco Tourism with Janet

Telecommunications – Infrastructure Presentation

NDB Business Lending FAQ

STTTA Criteria

STTTA Application

Sector and Business Development Fund Guidelines

Trade & Customs Training Resources – All resources loaded for Trade & Customs were created by PIPSO & OCOS. Please contact us for these resources as they are too big to upload on our website. Thank you!

Business Survey 2014A�- please complete either one of our business survey forms attached here for this year. Fakaaue lahi!

Business Survey 2014

Importance of FTA & Rules to Business -ROO Training Sol Is Nov 2013

Overview of PACER Plus & RoO

ROO in Niue- Methodologies and Determining ROO

PICTA Rules of Origin Cumulative questions

Private Sector Presentation

ROO Training-Niue- Day 1 (Different Termininologies))

PSR Workshop Exercise 1

Questions on PICTA Rules of Origin

Session 3 & 4-PICTA Administrative Procedures-Niue

Bookkeeping Workshop Resource –

Bookkeeping Workshop Resources

Handicrafts Workshop Resources –

Handicraft Workshop Presentation

Handicraft Manual

*There is also a Tourism Presentation for Handicrafts which we can email if you if you are interested.

Health and Safety Workshop Resources –

H&S Presentation for Tour Operators March 2014AA

Health & Safety Notes

Health and Safety Booklet



Marketing Workshop Resources –

Marketing 1 Workshop

Marketing 2 Workshop

Marketing 3 Workshop

Marketing 4 Workshop

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