Events & Training 2018

We organise business events throughout the year that allow our businesses opportunities to learn new skills, up-skill, and display their products and services. These events are open to all businesses involved in the commercial sector. Furthermore, we inform our businesses about other events happening within the business community that would be beneficial for their business.

Chamber also organise training workshops for local businesses. These training workshops help support and further promote local businesses. Training workshops such as First Aid Training, Customer Service Workshop, Tourism Marketing Workshop all help our local businesses grow and flourish.

Niue Chamber of Commerce is also interested in providing other training workshops that our businesses feel would help them succeed.

Upcoming Workshop/Events 2018:

Risk and Disaster Management
Health and Safety Planning
Business Planning Workshop
E-trading Workshop
Host Responsibility (Completed Monday 9 Jul)
Marketing and Communications Workshop (Completed Mon 9 Jul)
Agri-Business with Keith Budd (Tuesday 5 Jun)
Business Expo 2018 (Completed Saturday 20 Oct)
Careers Day for NHS 2018 (Completed Thursday 8 Nov)


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