Niue Chamber of Commerce want to say thank…

Niue Chamber of Commerce want to say thank you Gustava Esther Pavihi for pushing us to revisit the Tender process and strive towards transparency and accountability.

“So here is our apology for the delay in publicising successful tenderers. Roxy (our ECO) will be posting shortly on our website and Facebook page the outcomes for the tenders that the Tender Board has processed within the last 6 months. In future, we will send it via email after all tenderers have been notified. Since the tender board was established, we have seen a fair and transparent process in place to provide to the private sector opportunities to tender. We have now formalised the employment of Roxy as the Communications & Education Officer and this has resulted in an improvement in our communication to the business community.” – Gabriel Varea, Business Support Officer.

We have now completed the tender webpage with updates so you can find that here –

Fakaaue lahi!