Niue Chamber of Commerce Improving Online…

Niue Chamber of Commerce Improving Online Communications

With the age of faster internet, new technology and bite-size communication being more popular than screeds of information, Niue Chamber of Commerce (NCOC) has had to change the way we communicate with our clients, the private sector and the community in order to effectively communicate relevant, informed and useful information for industry growth. We are relying more and more on spreading information, news or notices through online methods such as emails, blogs, and posts that the more traditional methods of communication like advertising on the radio, notices on the notice board, and mail through the post or posters almost seem outdated to us.

How we communicate today has forever changed the way we do business and the way we interact with our clients. Social media has also shaped the way we communicate on a day to day basis. We spend more time communicating through social media today than ever before. We make recommendations, share experiences, market products or services, comment on various subjects and provide advice through social media websites such as Facebook or Twitter more than through any other avenue.

Almost all of Niue is on Facebook (not mentioning the rest of the world), so our presence on Facebook allows for our clients and potential clients on Facebook to be better informed about specials in our business community, upcoming events and workshops as well as regular updates on projects from the Chamber.

To sum up, Niue Chamber of Commerce is changing the way we communicate with you, so watch this space!