Looking back at last year, NCOC has been…

Looking back at last year, NCOC has been involved in a lot! We attended the Wave Conference, Train the Trainers and Review Cluster Workshop. We had our first Food Festival which was organised primarily by our office in association with Niue Tourism and specific Government Departments, we had our first Tourism Careers Expo – Tourism Unleashed for our junior students at the Niue High School and we celebrated 40 years of self governance and free association through our Business Expo – 40 Years of Niue Business Exhibition.

Also in 2014, we delivered for the first time ever – Level 2 Tourism to our Year 12 students, completed our third Business Survey which was, for the first time was recognised by Statistics Niue, we really developed a presence online both with our website and social media sites, we said goodbye to our previous BDM Elliott Kirton and welcomed our new and current BDM Felicity Bollen.

We also expanded our government initiatives – YES, EAS, STTA, and Government Grants, delivered 10 workshops throughout 2014, completed 4 networking activities, published 4 newsletters, published a Foreign Investment Guide, and a Health & Safety Handbook among many other resources to help support growth in our private sector, as well as completed another year for our Entrepreneurial Programme.
2014 was a big year for NCOC and we look forward to another successful and productive year this year.

2015 is going to be awesome! Thank you for your support of our work and we wish you all the best with the new year 🙂 Fakaaue lahi!