Junior Entrepreneurs Program

The Niue Chamber of Commerce is teaching three Year 5 and 6 combined classes for 2019 with a total of 75 pupils.   Each class has learned about being an entrepreneur and what is involved in setting up a business.  They have now created their business plans and have planned out what is needed to make their products and how much they will be selling at the National Show Day on Friday 18 October 2019.

The students enjoy the Junior Entrepreneurs’ weekly lessons and are looking forward to launching their business products.  Over the past few weeks tutors, Catherine Papani and Fatimah Talagi have been assisting the students to finalise their business products and ensuring the students understand the concept of making a product and how much it’ll cost to make it.

NiuJen’s main product is a coconut fruit salad drink. It will be served in a clean coconut shell filled with coconut pieces, coconut juice and a variety of fresh local fruits. Adding an alternative to plastic spoons they will be making coconut leaf spoons.

JED’s main product is a class musical CD that will have a compilation of at least five songs the class will sing together. Singing practice after school has commenced and then the class will be taken to have their songs professionally recorded.

JEATA’s main product will be Canvas Art Blocks where the students have their own design on their Canvas Art Blocks.

The Niue Chamber of Commerce would like to thank the businesses who have provided financial support to the Junior Entrepreneurs businesses to assist with start-up costs: Niue Development Bank, Double M, Pacific Way Bar, Kaiika, Niue Star and Rockbak.