Fakaalofa Lahi Atu, This is a notice to…

Fakaalofa Lahi Atu,

This is a notice to inform you all about the new Day Area for the Elderly at Niue Foou Hospital.

This is a very ambitious project taken on by a high school student in NZ as set by his father to benefit the elderly here in Niue. Niue Health Department, High School and Niue Tourism have been assisting him in his drive to make it happen.

Matt is looking for local and offshore support to help raise funds to make this happen via a variety of travel raffles. There are 2 raffles happening in Niue with the main prize a return trip Niue to NZ.

Raffle tickets are on sale via Niue Hospital and the students at Niue High School

The other Travel raffles are happening in NZ and there are several of them with return packages to Niue from Auckland.

The project is still looking for further sponsorship from accommodation operators, tour operators and rental car operators in Niue to put together a compelling package Matt him to raise funds with. If you would like to put something forward to support this vital project it would be greatly appreciated.

To find out more, phone (06) 370 0346 or email matt.wilson237@yahoo.com

To donate to this great cause, donate directly to:

ANZ 38-9014-0415626-09

The elderly here will be very grateful once the project is completed and something worthy of all our support.

Fakaaue Lahi!