Investment Opportunities

Why invest in Niue?

Niue can offer much to investors, including attributes that cannot be found elsewhere in the South Pacific region:

  • Niue is small so businesses are easier to organise and mobilise
  • Highly educated, friendly, and hardworking English-speaking labour market
  • Niue is closely connected to New Zealand and lots of opportunities for education and continuous development (capacity building)
  • Close knitted working partnerships between businesses
  • There are alternating flights twice a week to Niue so tourists are forced to stay for a week on every other flight
  • Political stability- good governance
  • Easy access to government- open door policy
  • Safe and friendly people- crime free
  • Ample land is available for development and varied marine life and marine culture can be found in Niue
  • Niue use New Zealand currency
  • Niue currently has an under-developed tourism sector with high potential for further development
  • There is an emphasis placed on Private-Sector led economic growth

Niue invites everyone whose wishes are to have a unique business experience by taking the road less traveled and invest in Niue. The journey will be adventurous and challenging, as one will be forced to face challenges that are exclusively only found in Niue business. However, the level and expanse of creativity and ingenuity that are required for one to succeed here is in itself exciting and rewarding. Creating a business in Niue also allows you the opportunity to enjoy the unique lifestyle Niue has to offer.

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