Economic Overview


The tourism sector has great future potential. The tourism industry is very blessed with a unique and largely untouched natural environment with a strong authentic local culture to draw from. Traditional Niuean customs and culture is vibrant, exciting and unique, allowing tourists a great insight into Niue and its people. Promoting tourism should help to create jobs, bring in revenue and further support existing local businesses in Niue. Tourism related activities that could be targeted for further development in Niue is accommodation, tourist-adventure activities, restaurants, and other activities that would encourage tourists to come and stay in Niue.


Agriculture has long been the core sector of industry in Niue. Niue agriculture is largely subsistence based, and its development is hindered by limited fertile land, lack of surface water and occasional droughts and cyclones. Rainwater and groundwater are the only source of water on the island. Principal crops currently grown on the island are taro, yams, bananas, cassava and coconuts. Taro is the most important export crop, but the export market of perishables is hampered by limited air and shipping services.

At present, relentless efforts has focused on development of agricultural products with proven commercial merits, particularly vanilla, nonu, taro and other crops with commercial exports potential. Commercial agriculture is small in Niue but there is plenty of potential for this sector to further develop. For example, there are other viable options currently being considered for the development of taro which include researching and developing ways to strategically package, promote and market frozen taro to distant markets. Frozen processed taro (raw or cooked) has great potential in that it eliminates quarantine risks, prolong shelve life and conveniently available in different options to the end consumer.


The infrastructure in Niue is well developed compared to the rest of the Pacific. Electricity is available all around Niue from the underground cables laid under the main road around Niue. Tap water is available in all villages; larger storage tanks can also be used for storing water if required. Most of the roads are sealed, there are also access roads to scenic sites and coastal areas. Telephones are also available around Niue and Niue is looking at an all around the island coverage upgrade of 4G in the near future.