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Niue Chamber Vision

We are committed to “Niue Ke Monuina – A Prosperous Niue”.

For us, this means Niue is being a prosperous and skilled island nation underpinned by a thriving and entrepreneurial Private Sector We believe this will lead to better lives for all who wish to make Niue their home.

Our vision means Niue will:

  • Generate a vibrant private sector with a strong sense of identity.
  • Create more jobs and more opportunities for establishing and growing businesses.
  • Develop and attract the skills and investment to support the country’s economic growth.
  • Have an infrastructure that is highly efficient and maintained, making it easier and faster to conduct business and connect with the world.
  • Harness the potential of tourism to ensure economic benefits are widely distributed.
  • Attract visitors and residents who want to experience cultural richness and community.
  • Have the ability to further invest in social services and local amenities – improving the quality of life for all who wish to make Niue their home.

Niue Chamber Priorities

To achieve our vision we have developed a strategy based on three brad priorities:

  • Get the basics rights for business.
  • Create and capitalise on market opportunities.
  • Enhance investment in people to improve skills and create a local workforce.

Between them, these themes represent three quite different but inter-dependent approaches to economic development.

The first theme aims at ensuring that businesses face an environment conducive to business growth. They are then left to get on with it.

The second theme takes a more active stance on business growth. Market opportunities are identified and actively encouraged by the Government, the Niue Chamber of Commerce and other stakeholders.

The third theme is concerned with ensuring that businesses have an available supply of relevant skills to enable them to operate and expand. It aims to ensure that Niue has an inclusive and adaptable labour market that not only meets the demands of a growing, diversifying private sector but also provides opportunities for a better quality of life for those people who make Niue their home.

Within these three priorities are a number of more focused strategies:

Get the basic rights for business:

  • Ensure Niue is business-friendly
  • Ensure secure availability of land and premises.
  • Improve transport links.

Enhance investments in people to improve skills and create a local workforce.

  • Produce a skilled and responsive labour force.
  • Build an entrepreneurial culture.

Create and capitalise on market opportunities:

  • Assist businesses to benefit from tourism growth.
  • Enhance access to capacity building and technical assistance.

Each strategy, in turn, has a set of initiatives or actions associated with it. These set out the actual tasks that will be undertaken as part of the strategy to realise the goal. Further information about these is included in the Niue Private Sector Development Plan 2012-2015.

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