Our Vision

We are committed to Niue ke Monuina – A Prosperous Niue.

For us, this means Niue being a prosperous and skilled island nation underpinned by a thriving and entrepreneurial private sector. We believe this will lead to better lives for all who wish to make Niue their home.

Our vision means Niue will:

  • Generate a vibrant private sector with a strong sense of identity;
  • Create more jobs and more opportunities for establishing and growing businesses;
  • Develop and attract the skills and investment to support the country economic growth;
  • Have infrastructure that is highly efficient and maintained, making it easier and faster to conduct business and connect with the world;
  • Harness the potential of tourism to ensure economic benefits are widely distributed;
  • Attract visitors and residents who want to experience cultural richness and community; and,
  • Have the ability to further invest in social services and local amenities improving the quality of life for all who wish to make Niue their home.

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